Water Punching Bag with Adjustable Metal Chain and Insurance Buckles-Black


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By utilizing the power of water, this aqua training bag provides you with a comfortable boxing experience. The unique teardrop shape with high-quality materials aims to accompany you for many years. Besides, you will not get injured thanks to the high-rebound surface and water filling. The ergonomic design is friendly for your hands, wrists, joints and shoulders. Additionally, the equipped adjustable hanging chain goes well with the boxing stand, wall and ceiling, permitting you to practice boxing at home, in the gym or outdoors. When not in service, the water in this heavy punching bag can be drained out for easy storage. If you are looking for such a product, do not hesitate to buy it! Innovative Water-filled Design: Compared with traditional sandbags, this water-heavy bag features a revolutionary design. The water punching bag will strike straight and arc, stimulating your straight and swinging fist attack to practice dodging. With this aqua training bag, you can drive away pressure and lead a healthy life. Real and Cozy Boxing Experience: The premium materials with humanized design offer comfort while the water filling makes it closer to the feeling of real boxing. The high-rebound PVC body echoes with your boxing action and you will feel at ease. What’s more, the water heavy bag will not produce much noise. Fit for Various Boxing Types: The aqua training bag is available to practice jabs cross hook and uppercuts at the same time. More importantly, it is suitable for various types of boxers, whether a beginner, fitness enthusiast or professional one. You can determine how much water to inject based on your needs. Compact and Versatile Design: The water heavy bag can be used with a boxing stand, wall or ceiling. Thus, you can enjoy boxing anywhere you desire. In addition, it is easy for you to inject or release water. You are able to carry or store the heavy punching bag easily. Complete and Useful Accessories: Coming with complete accessories, the aqua training bag is simple to hang. Furthermore, the length of the metal hanging chain is adjustable so that you can find an appropriate height. The provided safety buckles ensure your security during use.

  • Color: White/Black/Red Materials: PVC, metal Overall dimension: 52 x 71 cm (Dia x H) Length of hanging chain: 100 cm Length of water hose: 100 cm Net weight: 7 kg Package includes: 1 x Water Bag 1 x Adjustable Chain 2 x Insurance Buckles 1 x U-shaped Buckle 1 x Water Hose 1 x Instruction