Square Fir Wood Raised Garden Bed with Open-Ended Base


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Boasting ample room for a diverse array of vegetables, fruits, herbs and succulents, this wooden planter box meets your planting preferences. Its open-ended base promotes deep root growth and enhances nutrition absorption. The selected fir wood of this garden bed planter appeals to your aesthetic desires with opportunities for personalization while making it durable and stable. Open-ended Base: Designed with an open bottom, this planting planter box encourages deep root growth and allows beneficial organisms such as earthworms to enter, creating a healthy ecosystem for your plants. Selected Fir Wood: Crafted from naturally durable fir wood, this raised garden bed accompanies you for years to come. The beautiful natural wood adds a rustic charm to your outdoor space while providing sturdy support for your plants. Enough Space for Planting: With a spacious 102 cm square design, this wooden ground planter box gives you ample room to cultivate a variety of plants, flexibly arranging your plants for maximum sun exposure and airflow. Ideal Growing Conditions: This wooden raised garden bed kit ensures better protection for robust vegetable, fruit, herb and succulent growth, meeting your different planting needs. Customize to Your Taste: The natural fir wood finish of this garden bed offers a beautiful canvas for customization. Stain, paint or decorate the wood to match your outdoor decoration and personal style.

  • Colour: Natural Material: Fir Wood Dimensions: 102 x 102 x 30 cm (L x W x H) Net Weight: 6.5 kg Package Includes: 1 x Garden Bed 1 x Instruction Manual