Self-watering Raised Garden Bed with Climbing Trellis-Black


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The raised garden bed with trellis comes with a flower box, 4 detachable legs and a climbing trellis in one, providing versatile choice for you. Since each part is easy to combine and separate, you can use the planter box and trellis alone, or attach the removable legs to create an elevated garden planter to reduce back and waist pains. The planter box is made of PP material, which is safe for plants. Equipped with a water separation net and drainage holes, excessive water can be effortlessly drained out. And the water-sucking column will preserve some water to avoid frequent watering. With the included water level indicator, you can easily monitor the water level. Supported by PE-coated metal pipes, the trellis is rustproof for lasting use and sturdy enough to hold heavy plants. And the cooler surface does not easily harm plants. With detailed instructions, the plant-growing box kit is easy to set up! If you are looking for a plant-growing box like this, do not hesitate to place an order! All-in-one Versatile Design: The raised garden bed kit combines a raised garden bed and a trellis together, which can be used separately to meet your versatile needs. And the elevated legs are removable, enabling you to use the flower box individually. Or you can combine them as a raised garden bed with trellis for small spaces. Self-watering and Drainage System: Featuring 6 sucking columns, the elevated planter eliminates the need of frequent watering. Plus, the water separation net is equipped with air vents to control proper humidity and air circulation. And 2 side drainage holes can easily drain out excessive water. With water level indicator, you can ensure proper watering with ease. Durable and Functional Trellis: The U-shape trellis allows for vertical growth and ensures your climbing plants to receive ample sunlight. Crafted with PE-coated metal pipes, the trellis is sturdy and anti-rust for long lifespan. And the pipes are not easy to burn plants with low thermal-conductivity. User-friendly Elevated Planter: With 35 L flower box, you can cultivate an abundance of plants, bringing vitality to your garden. Besides, the elevated planter box comes with detachable elevated legs, allowing for easier gardening work. Meanwhile, the elevated design can prevent the damage of small animals. Selected Material and Easy Assembly: The raised garden bed is made of waterproof and easy-to-maintain PP for longevity. And the selected material will cause no harm to plants and your families. With easy-to-follow instructions and friendly design, the raised planter kit can be set up with ease.

  • Colour: Black + Green Material: PP, Metal, PE Coating Overall Dimensions: 76 x 37 x 189 cm (L x W x H) Interior Size of Planting Box: 72 x 32 x 20 cm (L x W x H) Raised Garden Bed Height: 66 cm Detachable Leg Height: 39 cm Volume: 35 L Weight Capacity: 30 kg Net Weight: 4 kg Package Includes: 1 x Raised Garden Bed with Trellis 1 x Water Level Indicator 1 x Instruction Manual