Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair Adjustable Swivel Task Chair-Black

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This adjustable office chair provides optimal support and comfort for the head, neck, and back. The 3D headrest can be adjusted in height of 9cm and angle of 70° to provide support to your cervical spine at the most comfortable spot, while the armrests offer height adjustment of 8cm as well. The desk chair features a 4-directional lumbar support system that can be customized vertically (5cm) and horizontally (3cm) to reduce the risk of back pain. A rocking backrest with a lock lever allows for gentle movement of 90°-120° to reduce discomfort. The office chair’s height is 99-129cm adjustable and it also has a 360° swivel feature. The mesh ergonomic backrest ensures proper air circulation, and the thick sponge offers softness and comfort. With a stable frame and wheels, this executive chair offers both stability and easy mobility. 3D Headrest and Adjustable Armrests: For optimal head and neck support, the office chair features a 3D headrest with 9cm adjustable height and 70° adjustable angle. In addition, its armrests are 8cm height adjustable, providing enhanced comfort. 4-Directional Lumbar Support: The task chair can better fit your back by using the 4-directional lumbar support, which is 5cm vertically adjustable and 3cm horizontally adjustable. Even during long working hours, it will ensure proper alignment of your spine to reduce the risk of back pain. Comfortable Rocking Backrest: With a rocking function, the desk chair offers a gentle motion of backrest from 90° to 120° that helps relieve tension and stress. Meantime, it has a lock lever, which can lock the backrest at any angle. Adjustable Swivel Addition: You can easily adjust the height of the executive chair to match your desk or workstation, and the seat height can be adjusted from 48-57cm. Besides, the 360° swivel feature enables you to move around your workspace effortlessly, without straining your muscles. Cozy Mesh Fabric and Sponge: The office chair features a mesh backrest that allows for better air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. At the same time, it comes with thick sponge that provides great softness and comfort. Stable Frame and Easy Moving: To stay stable, the computer desk is supported by the 5-claw base and strong gas rod, which also increase the load capacity to 150kg. Plus, universal nylon wheels are included to ensure a stable and effortless movement.

  • Color: Black Material: PP, Mesh Fabric, Sponge, Nylon Overall Dimension: 70 x 63-79 x 99-129 cm (L x W x H) Size of Headrest: 33 x 6 cm (L x H) Size of Backrest: 49 x 54 cm (L x H) Inner Spacing of Armrests: 52 cm Height of Armrests: 64-81 cm Size of Seat: 53 x 51 cm (W x D) Height of Seat: 48-57 cm Distance of Up & Down Adjustment (Lumbar Support): 5 cm Distance of Forward & Backward Adjustment (Lumbar Support): 3 cm Adjustable Height of Headrest: 9 cm Adjustable Angle of Headrest: 70° Adjustable Height of Armrests: 8 cm Max Load Capacity: 150 kg Net Weight: 14 kg Package Includes: 1 x Office Chair 1 x User Guide