Lawn Spike Aerators Manual Grass Roller with Protective Fender


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If your lawn starts to turn yellow or your grass can’t grow well, this garden lawn aerator roller may be a good choice for you to bring new life to your lawn. This push spike aerator will allow your lawn to grow strong and healthy, giving your lawn a professionally groomed look that you have been wanting. Equipped with a strong long handle and spike tine roller, the lawn aerator will perforate the soil in an easier way by pushing it. Then air, water, and nutrients can reach the roots of plants and grass more smoothly and quickly. And a wide splash-proof baffle can keep your clothes and shoes away from dirt. Tip: The lawn aerator will perform well when you use it in the dirt, sand or clay. If you are looking for such a product, do not hesitate to buy it! Bring New Life to Lawn: With the length of 1.2-inch rolling spikes, your soil of lawn will be dug deeper. After using this machine, the soil will get loose and it is easy for water, oxygen and nutrients to diffuse into the soil pores. As time passes by, the grass and plants will grow more rapidly and splendidly. Equipped with a Protective Shield: The biggest highlight of this rolling lawn aerator is the use of a protective shield, which can prevent the splash of mud. Not only your clothes and shoes won’t get dirty but also your feet and legs won’t hurt by spikes with this considerate device. High-security and Space-saving Design: Including 3 pieces steel tubular handle sections, each of them should be connected with a snap-fastener to ensure secure in using. These sections are also convenient to disassemble with each other to save space when the rolling lawn aerator is not in use. Labor-saving and Lightweight Tool: The length of the handle is about 40.5 inches which can free you from bending down low to push the lawn aerator. And the width of spike aerator is 18 inches to increase the extent of soil turning. In addition, it can be pushed around easily because of lightweight design. Simple to Assemble: To assemble the handle, you only need to turn the 3 tubes to tighten them. After that, you can connect the handle to the roller by tightening the fasteners. The whole process is only in just few minutes. Then a lawn aerator is ready for use.

  • Color: As picture shows Material: Galvanized pipe, PP plastic Width: 45 cm Height: 21 cm Length: 126 cm Net weight: 3.5 kg Package includes: 1 x Grass spike roller 1 x Instruction manual