Cucumber Trellis for Climbing Plants Outdoor-Black


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The A-shaped garden trellis measures 103 x 109 x 149 cm (L x W x H), providing a large climbing area for your plants. Whether you are cultivating a beautiful flower garden or growing your own delicious produce, this trellis can accommodate all your planting needs. And there exist 2 shape options (triangular shape or square shape), depending on your preference and garden layout. Thanks to its sturdy construction with PE-coated metal poles, this trellis ensures excellent resistance to rust and weather damage while not burning your plants. Besides, with its A-shaped frame and bottom sharp caps that allow for insertion into the soil, the plant stand is not easy to wobble or tip over, ensuring excellent stability. Besides, the poles are secured by sturdy sure-clips and A-fork clips, thus plants could safely grow and climb up. Other than that, it is equipped with garden netting and plant clips, providing additional support and protection for your plants. Transform your garden into a flourishing oasis with ease and efficiency. If you are looking for a Cucumber Trellis like this, do not hesitate to place an order! Stable Construction: The garden trellis features a sturdy and reliable A-frame design, ensuring maximum stability for your climbing plants. Moreover, the frame is secured by extremely sturdy sure-clips and A-fork supporting clips, attaching firmly and keeping stakes in place. Durable and Safe Material: In contrast to normal metal tubes that easily burn plants, this plant grow support is constructed of durable metal tubes with PE coating, which are rustproof and weatherproof, and not easy to burn plants. And each tube features non-slip textures on the surface, providing a secure and safe climbing surface for your plants. DIY Shapes and Easy Installation: This cucumber trellis can be assembled into either a triangular or square shape, allowing you to customize the layouts of your garden. Thanks to its convenient connectors, you can easily set it up. And the netting can be easily secured to the frame using netting securing straps. Versatile Usage: This vertical plant stand with thickened metal tubes is suitable for a variety of climbing plants, including grapes, gourds, peas, cucumbers, eggplants, roses, clematis, and more. It could help create a beautiful and productive garden. Practical Accessories: The A-frame garden trellis includes a garden trellis netting, which could prevent plants and fruits from falling and facilitate harvesting. And there exist 2 types of functional plant clips to secure and guide your plants. The A-frame trellis measures 103 x 109 x 149 cm (L x W x H), and the square-shaped trellis measures 103 x 103 x 153 cm (L x W x H).

  • Colour: Black Material: PE-Coated Metal, PP Size of the A-Frame Garden Trellis: 103 x 109 x 149 cm (L x W x H) Size of the Square-Shaped Garden Trellis: 103 x 103 x 153 cm (L x W x H) Net Weight: 3 kg Package Includes: 1 x Garden Trellis 1 x Instruction Manual