Antique Lighted Birdbath and Feeder Combo with 2 Solar-powered Lamps-Antique


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The wide lily leaf bowl provides a relaxing spot for birds to enjoy a drink and a bath, while the bird feeder with roof ensures that seeds stay dry in rainy weather. With 2 LED lights, your garden will be an inviting space for birds. The detachable solar panels is energy-saving and waterproof, supporting 8 hours of illumination. To improve its stability in windy conditions, you can fill the hollow chamber with heavy items and use the included ground stakes to secure the base. Additionally, the bird bath comes with a versatile planter that can be used for growing flowers or adding stones, allowing you to personalize your garden or further add stability. Featuring intricate pattern and bronze finish, the antique pedestal birdbath adds aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for a solar outdoor birdbath like this, do not hesitate to place an order! With Solar-Powered Lamps: The outdoor bird bath comes with 2 solar-powered lamps that serve as a radiant beacon after dark. And the 2 solar panels effortlessly soak up the sunlight during the day to power the lamps, offering a gentle glow in your garden at night. Perfect Feeder and Bath Combo: The lighted pedestal bird bath features a large lotus leaf bowl where numerous small birds can gather to sip and splash together. Besides, the gazebo-shaped feeder will shield seeds from water and offer birds a cozy spot to perch. Dual-use Flower Planter: Featuring a flower planter, the antique standing birdbath allows you to grow your favorite blossoms or put stones for a delightful aesthetic. Equipped with drainage holes, the planter can efficiently drain excess water, ensuring thriving plants. Tips to Increase Stability: The lightweight pedestal birdbath with hollow column can be filled with sand or stones to bolster its stability. And 3 ground stakes are included to prevent the tall birdbath from tipping over. Durability and Easy Assembly: The bird bath is made of weatherproof PP material to withstand the outdoor elements. With a simple threaded connection, no tools are required for assembly. And the detailed instruction makes installation a breeze.

  • Colour: Bronze Material: PP Overall Dimensions: 43 x 110 cm (Dia. x H) Net Weight: 2.5 kg Package Includes: 1 x Solar Outdoor Bird Bath 1 x Instruction Manual