5 Gallon Stainless Steel Water Alcohol Distiller with Build-in Thermometer


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If you are looking for a beginner’s brewing tool, then this water alcohol distiller is worth your attention. Introducing the 3-pot 5-gallon capacity home brewing kit, made from high-quality stainless steel and copper, this whiskey-making kit features lead-free and high-temperature resistance with a long service life. In addition, unlike other imprecise temperature controls which display only Celsius, our accurate built-in thermometer allows you easy control of the brewing process. In addition, the breeding process is really simple, just put the material in the boiling barrel to make fermented wine and connect the water inlets and outlet to cool the alcohol vapor to form liquid wine. Not to mention the thumper keg which allows for added flavor. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your brewing process to the next level! High Capacity Kit: With 3 large brewing pots, boiler barrel: 12.5″ x 12″ (D x H), condenser: 7.9″ x 4.3″ (D x H), thumper keg: 8″ x 5″ (D x H) this water alcohol distiller can provide you with a fermentation capacity of 5 Gallon large capacity and 22 L of raw materials. Easy-to-use: Equipped with a built-in duel display thermometer, our home brewing kit can display Fahrenheit and Celsius to control the temperature more precisely, providing you with an easy-to-use brewing and distilling experience. Premium Stainless Steel: Made from food-grade stainless steel, this whiskey-making kit features lead-free and high-temperature resistance with a long service life. In addition, you can put the boiling bucket on a variety of different heat sources, such as a gas stove, induction cooker, firewood, or electric ceramic stove. Speed Cooling and Added Flavor: By attaching the water inlet to the faucet, this water alcohol distiller allows the alcohol vapour cooling to form liquid rapidly. In addition, by adopting copper tubes which guarantees an increased cooling area, this home brewing kit can speed up the process of brewing. And the thumper keg enables you to add more flavor to the distilled result. Wide Applications: The water-alcohol distiller is perfect for family-together parties and other occasions, such multifunctional equipment can be used to make a variety of drinks to suit your preferences, such as fruit wine fermented crop, wine, whisky, vodka, champagne, brandy, essential oil, distilled water.

  • Colour: Silver Material: Stainless Steel, Red Copper Barrel Thickness: 0.7 mm Copper Coil Diameter: 9.5 mm Item weight: 5 kg Thumper Keg Size: 20 x 12.5 cm (D x H) Boiler Barrel Size: 31.5 x 30 cm (D x H) Condenser Barrel Size: 17.5 x 11.5 cm (D x H) Boiler Barrel Capacity: 5 Gal / 22 L Package includes: 1 X Boiler Barrel 1 x Condenser Barrel 1 x Thumper Keg 1 x Thermometer 1 X Water Circulating Pump 1 x Air Evacuation Valve 1 x Set of Accessories 1 X Instruction manual