45 cm Manual Rolling Lawn Aerator Tool with 130 cm Detachable Handle-Green


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The rolling lawn aerator is a great choice for greener and lusher lawn! Before aeration, the lawn may have compact and hard soil. Equipped with 3 rows of short nail plates and 3 rows of long nail plates, the rolling lawn aerator facilitates optimal airflow and water circulation, thus resulting in a more vibrant lawn and making your plants thrive after aeration. Moreover, the drum can be filled with sand or stone, ensuring spikes go deeper. The aeration way with no sand or stone is available ad you need. With ergonomic height and other details, the rotary aerator tool will make your aeration work easier. The long and non-slip handle ensures that you can effectively aerate your lawn without painful back or waist.Crafted with painted metal frame, this lawn aerator is designed to provide you with lasting performance. Whether you have a backyard or a garden, the rolling lawn aerator is the perfect choice. Its compact size and efficient performance make it ideal for homeowners looking to maintain their lawns with ease. Create Healthy Lawn: The 45 cm roller comes with a total of 27 rustproof spikes, providing a wide coverage of lawn aeration. Besides, the combination of 3 longer and 3 short plates of spikes will improve the efficiency, thus allowing plants to take in water, air and nutrients for prosperous growth. Filling Design for Enhanced Aeration: To achieve deeper aeration and promote better root development, the lawn aerator features a drum that can be filled with 5.5L sand or stone. Therefore, the spikes penetrate deeper into the ground, allowing for more effective aeration. Ergonomic Handle for Easy Control: Thanks to the 130 cm long handle, there is no numbness in your legs and less soreness in your waist after a long time of lawn caring. Additionally, the manual push aerator features anti-slip and comfortable handle for easier control. Applicable to Various Scenes: Because the important role it plays in promoting the growth of grass, the spike lawn aerator can be widely applied to garden, yard, cropland. Furthermore, the rolling lawn aerator extends to different soil types, including dirt soil, sand soil and clay. Quick and Easy Assembly: With detailed instructions and all the necessary hardware provided, you can easily set up the heavy duty aerator in no time. And you can quickly connect the handles from bottom to top with tool-free spring button.

  • Color: Green Material: Galvanized Steel, Metal, PP Product Size: 45 cm x 130 cm (L x H) (L x H) Drum Dimension: 14 cm Spike Length: 3.4 cm Sand Capacity: 5.5L Net Weight: 4.5 kg Package includes: 1 x Rolling Lawn Aerator 1 x Instruction