300 Pieces 14 Gram Texas Holdem Poker Chip Set with Dealer Buttons and Dice-Black


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With 300 high-quality chips, 2 decks of casino-level playing cards, 5 dice, and 3 dealer buttons, this set has everything you need for a thrilling game night. Each chip consists of 3 layers: film layer, composite layer, and iron layer, ensuring the perfect weight and touch, just like real casino chips. And the 300 chips come in 5 different colors, representing varied denominations: 1/5/25/100/500. The set also includes a sturdy carrying case with a key. And its lined interior is designed for added protection. The whole poker chip set is ideal for 7-9 people to entertain, and enjoy valuable time with your family or friends! If you are looking for such a product, do not hesitate to buy it! Complete Poker Chip Set: 300 pieces of chips, 2 card decks, 5 dice and 3 dealer buttons are all in one case which is equipped with a key. Thus, this poker chip set will be perfect for 7-9 poker enthusiasts to enjoy the game together. Standard 14 Gram Chips: All the chips with double injection iron core feature smooth touch and well-balanced weight which is 14 g like real casino chips. The chip sets possess 6 different colors for varied denominations: 100 white, 100 orange, 50 green, 25 blue and 25 purple. High-grade Playing Cards: The poker chip set also comes with 2 decks of casino-level playing cards. Each piece of card is made of 100% plastic and covered with matte, which is waterproof and durable for long-term use. Convenient Carrying Case: With a well-crafted aluminum outer shell and shockproof PU interior liner, the carrying case will offer considerate protection to the chipset. The inner space is well divided into dice and card storage areas, and chip slots for customized fit. Moreover, the carrying case also features a functional locking buckle and a large handle. Perfect Entertaining Choice: All the pieces of this poker chip set are crafted with casino grade, and you can use it to play Texas Holdem, Blackjack and so on. This chipset will also be a nice choice for tournaments or daily gatherings.

  • Color of carrying case: Black Material: Aluminum, clay, metal, plastic Dimension of carrying case: 41 x 23 x 10 cm (L x W x H) Diameter of each chip: 4 cm Net weight of each ship: 14 g Net weight: 6 kg Package Includes: 1 x Carrying Case 1 x Key 3 x Dealer Buttons 5 x Dices 300 x Chips 2 x Card Decks