3.6L Horizontal Sausage Stuffer with Four Stuffing Tubes


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The sausage stuffer is a great helper in your kitchen. Made of stainless steel and aluminum, the sausage stuffer is very sturdy and durable. Its 3.6L capacity can basically meet both home and commercial needs. With four stuffing tubes of different sizes, 1.5cm, 1.9cm, 2.2cm and 2.5cm, you can freely make diverse delicious sausages. Its installation is also very simple. Two bottom brackets ensure firm fixation and avoid wobbling. After use, you can disassemble the sausage maker for water washing. Large Capacity for Convenience: The sausage maker has a 3.6L capacity, enabling you to make several sausages at once without frequent refilling, which also saves you a lot of time and effort. What’s more, the sausage maker can basically meet the needs of commercial as well as residential use. More Sausages of Diverse Sizes: Except for the household sausage maker, the package also includes four sizes of stuffing tubes, 1.5cm, 1.9cm, 2.2cm as well as 2.5cm. As a result, it is more convenient for you to choose a right stuffing tube to make your exclusive sausages as needed. Durable Food-Grade Materials: The cylinder of sausage stuffer is made of stainless steel while the other parts are made of sturdy aluminum. Both materials are harmless to human body and present perfect durability, which allows for a long-time application without any deformations. Good Stability without Wobbling: There are two adjustable fixing brackets at the bottom, ensuring that the sausage stuffer will be firmly installed on the edge of a flat tabletop. During the whole operation, no electricity is required and the sausage maker produces very low noises. Easy Cleaning and Simple Storage: The cleaning after use is very simple. You just need to rewind the force disk out of cask and remove all turning parts as well as stuffing tubes. The disassembled sausage maker can be fully cleaned with warm water and detergent. By the way, you should dry it before storage.

  • Colour: Silver Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum Diameter of Stuffing Tubes: 1.5/1.9/2.2/2.5cm Capacity: 3.6L Net Weight: 3kg Package Includes: 1 x Sausage Stuffer 4 x Stuffing Tubes 1 x Instruction Manual