2-Pack 180 cm Garden Obelisk Trellis for Climbing Plants-Black


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This garden trellises include 2 packs and each trellis measures 31 x 176 cm (Dia. x H). And the trellis can be adjusted to 4 different heights: 80 cm, 112 cm, 144 cm, and 176 cm, enabling you to accommodate the growth needs of various climbing plants. Other than that, thanks to its sturdy construction with PE-coated metal poles, this trellis ensures excellent resistance to rust and weather damage while not burning your plants. And with its convenient plug-in design and upgraded hook interfaces, the garden trellises are easy to set up, requiring no tools. Besides, the bottom features sharp caps, allowing for easy insertion into the soil. Not only can this garden trellis be used as plant cages to provide support, but it also serves as a plant support trellis, encouraging upward growth. It is suitable for a wide range of climbing plants, including vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Additionally, there are 4 different decorative heads available (small bud, large bud, sword, bird and bird feeding station), adding a touch of personality and elegance to your outdoor space. If you are looking for garden trellises like this, do not hesitate to place an order! Adjustable Size: The 180 cm tall garden obelisk trellis comes with 3 height options-80 cm, 112 cm, 144 cm, and 180 cm, which meet the growth heights of various climbing plants, and adapt to accommodate plants at every stage of their growth journey. And each layer of the trellis can be easily connected or disconnected. Durable and Safe Material: In contrast to normal metal tubes that easily burn plants, this plant support trellis is constructed of durable PE-coated metal tubes, which are rustproof and weatherproof, and not easy to burn plants. Moreover, with the upgraded plug-in design, along with thick supporting rings, it provides reliable and long-lasting structural stability. Easy and Quick Installation: In contrast to traditional snap-on connections that are easy to tip and shift, our metal poles adopt upgraded plug-in design, which is tighter and more stable to connect together. The supporting rings are firmly fixed by upgraded hook interfaces, requiring no tools for simple assembly. Besides, it comes with bottom sharp caps with watertight closures, making it easy to insert into the soil. Elegant and Exquisite Appearance: The rose bush round trellis comes with 4 distinct decorative head styles for you to choose from, which are adorable small buds, elegant sword, vivid bird and bird feeding station, and charming large bud. It is a beautiful focal point that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. 2-in-1 Design for Various Plants: These garden trellises can be used as plant cages to protect your delicate potted plants, or used as plant supports, enabling climbing plants to grow upward. They are suitable for various climbing plants to thrive, such as Chinese roses, clematis, tomatoes, beans, morning glories, and more.

  • Colour: Black Material: PE-Coated Metal, PP Overall Dimension: 31 x 176 cm (Dia. x H) 2 Adjustable Height: 80 cm, 112 cm, 144 cm, and 176 cm Net Weight: 2.5 kg Package Includes: 2 x Garden Obelisk Trellis 1 x Instruction Manual